Let’s get started: Pisa working meeting

Our members of The European Way are, one after the other, arriving in Pisa. Here, the most beautiful weather is welcoming us. While the last preparations are being made we want to give you a first overview of the things on our agenda for the coming four days.

We have definetely experienced some fantastic and productive months after our official founding meeting in Heidelberg in September. They were equally tough though. As a result, we put many aspects on our agenda which will help us move forward as an organization.

Agenda for the Pisa Working Meeting

Reflecting on the past three months, we will first evaluate the successes and weaknesses of The European Way. Building on this reflection we will try to come to terms about our values and self-understanding. The aim is to work towards concrete solutions today and to frame visions, goals and our own identity.

Friday will be all about our organisational structure. Therefore, members will shed light on this question with input sessions from different perspectives. One focus will be on opportunities through digital tools on the one side and our general organisational culture on the other side. But also important questions about finance, decision making and public relations are on the agenda.


informal brainstorming sessions are already on!
informal brainstorming sessions are already on!

On Saturday we will talk about the heart of our organization: the European Way Circles. To begin with, we will evaluate the work in our current circles. This will be followed by brain storming sessions on how to improve the connection between circles and how to integrate more people into the European Way. We expect this to be the most challenging, but also most crucial session to come.

Last but not least we will use the remaining hours of Sunday to sum up our impressions from the weekend. Finally, it will already be time to say goodbye to each other and return home with a concrete agenda on how to continue.

Transparency and Reporting

We want to enable all our (other) members and interested people to follow our progress as good as possible. Throughout the weekend we will have a reporting team which will keep you updated with articles and pictures on the homepage and on Facebook. Besides, we are going to record our group sessions for you. We will inform you soon enough where to find these recordings. Stay tuned!

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