What does our Symbol mean?

We have opted for a yellow star on blue ground to be our first representative symbol. However it is not a single star with sharp angles. What does it mean?

Our star consists of five parts, which are different in shape and size. But take away any of these parts and you will hardly find the figure any longer to be a star. The ideal star can only be reached by uniting all its parts. The image reflects our vision of a strong civil society by the European people, not the people of Europe. The star expresses our shared feeling to be one community, one democracy, and one civil society.

Is this the only imaginable symbol?

Is this the only imaginable symbol for the European Generation, the European Republic or The European Way? No. Is it exclusive to other people? Definitely not. This star does not represent Europe in exclusion of other places and people. Through shared history, economic ties and cultural exchange we learned that the European idea has been and is everywhere, and everything is related to each other. Even if we take decisions as Europeans, we will not solve global issues like migration or the armed conflicts in our direct neighborhood without taking into consideration the interests of the Global society and mankind as a whole. It is time to leave nationalism and egoism behind for a better future.

Change the system? Yes we can!

Where is the global awareness needed to solve world wide challenges in times of the Digital Revolution and an increasingly connected global society? It sure is up to us as an open and civil society trained in dialogue and compromise to set the worldwide example of nonviolence and solidarity. Senator Sanders reminded our friends overseas of the same message as well. Free trade agreements and overwhelming national debt all around the World are just some ways economic elites are continuing to profit on the backs of poor people following a long and sad tradition. Our star made out of five parts might therefore represent the five continents on one earth as well as all of humanity.

All the people fighting for humanity shall unite instead of being departed by egoism of any kind. This is The European Way!

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